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2022-02-18 - Page archived
Well, it's been a long time coming. The page has barely been touched in 10 years, and it's been more like 16 years since it was updated somewhat frequently! It had (and still has) a ton of broken links, but some content is still there.
Everything you can reach using links that worked yesterday should still work. Some hosted content that was meant to be temporary (but has been there for years or even 1.5 decade) was removed, so sorry if you ran into a broken link. :-)
I removed all dynamic content (i.e. all PHP) from the site, which unfortunately means the URLs look different (and awful), and old links to specific pages are now broken. They SHOULD however link to this main page, and not a 404 page.

2012-10-04 - New blog
I started an electronics blog over at blog.exscape.org - it will likely only deal with electronics/programming topics, and not much else. I'm not sure this is a long-term commitment, but for the time being, it's waaay more active than this site has been in the past... uh, 6 years, perhaps?

2009-06-17 - Added a projects page
I created a page to store all (well, most) of my small projects, over here.

2008-04-05 - Stuff is happening
OK, this page is officially DEAD. Well, except for this update. It'll most likely be resurrected some time, but I'm not very interested in web design at the moment. I'm working on two small Mac utils: a lyric viewer, Lyricus, and an Audioscrobbler/Last.fm plugin for Quicksilver (project page w/ download).

2006-06-28 - multiremote source released under the GNU GPL license
The line above says it all, doesn't it? :)
Get the source (and the program itself) here.

2006-06-25 - Multiremote updated!
It's been more than a year since last time, but I've managed to squeeze out another version of multiremote.
No huge feature additions this time. A few stability fixes, support for balloon tips (like this), plus I actually removed two features; the logging/filewriter ones. I couldn't manage to fix the memory leak, so...

A new, whole-rewritten version *might* be in the making, we'll see soon!

Anyway, get beta 4 here!

Update: I noticed a slight bug when pausing/unpausing that is now fixed.
The bug would only apply if you're using winamp, and have balloon tips activated in multiremote.

2005-09-10 - fdiv.org
I can't believe I haven't posted this yet, but I have a new site/blog up at fdiv.org. You might notice that it's in swedish, tough luck for the rest of you. ;)

2005-05-25 - May 2005 trance mix
See the Trance stuff page (in the menu above) for links and stuff. Enjoy ;)

2005-04-13 - Multiremote 3.0 Beta 2
A new version of multiremote is out, with a couple of bugfixes and new features, such as commandline arguments. Check it out here!

2005-02-15 - multiremote released!
The successor to ampcontrol is finished.

Multiremote will replace ampcontrol, and contains support for iTunes/Winamp/Foobar2000/QCD Player.
It has all the features of ampcontrol except for XML support, plus some new goodies.
Please contact me (by mail) if you find any trouble or have any questions.

Have fun!
Oh, and if you need a link: Get it here!

2004-09-07 - In development...
... is a new ampcontrol-like program, for Apple's iTunes. It already has global hotkeys for functions such as prev track/pause/next etc, plus volume hotkeys and jump-in-track hotkeys.
Of course this will also support the copy to clipboard feature of ampcontrol, in fact, it already does:
Exscape (Mostly) Progressive Mix - August 2004 [00:58/42:43] [Rating: ****]

Upcoming planned features are:
* The ability to choose your own hotkeys (partially complete)
* The ability to set more options than you currently can, i.e. custom formats etc. (same as above)
* Logging features (again same as above!)
* Probably much more; If you have any good suggestions, mail me at jarjar *at* exscape *dot* org.

If you want to help testing (or if you simply can't wait to use the global hotkeys ;)) mail me and I'll send you the latest version.

2004-09-04 - exscape updated
Update phase 2 in progress! I'm programming a new admin section with all admin features including news management in one handy page. This page is now more database driven than ever. ;)
Edit: Oh, and there's a new search/filter thing over at the tune of the day page.

2004-08-04 - ampcontrol updated again
The current version is now 3.0 beta 6. This a bugfix release. Changelog:
  • Probably fixed a bug where songhistory refused to write any useful info.
Go to the ampcontrol page for downloads and full changelog.

2004-07-10 - exscape.org updated
Update phase 1 of exscape.org complete! Time to rewrite a few pages and probably add separate pages for news and my programs (more to come at some time by the way).

2004-07-03 - 2 new trance mixes
2 new trancemixes released today, go grab 'em (see trance mixes link in the menu above). The alternate mix has a little harder style that the regular one.

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