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Note: multiremote has been replaced by Multiremote.NET!

I suggest grabbing that instead, since it's superior to multiremote in pretty much every way. However, this page will be here for a for a few weeks or so.

Current version: 3.0 beta 4.01
[link dead] (most of you want this one) (4318 downloads since 2005-02-15)
[link dead] (3931 downloads since 2006-06-28)

Multiple application support Support for Apple iTunes, Winamp, Foobar 2000* and QCD Player**.

* Seeking appears to be broken in Foobar 2000.
** Retrieving the current title is broken for QCD Player.
Hotkeys Use hotkeys to control the applications and copy info about the current track to the clipboard, which enables to you paste (ctrl+v) it practically in any textbox, even in some games.
Custom formats You can specify your own formats, i.e. how multiremote handles the data it gets from winamp. See the readme for more info and a tutorial.
Tray balloon tips You can use multiremote to display the currently playing song in a balloon tip (screenshot), very useful if you've got your played minimized to tray like I do. Obviously, you can turn these off.
And more... Choosing your own hotkeys, allowing them to automatically start the player if necessary, automatically pressing ctrl+v/enter/ctrl+enter on copy to clipboard, and more.

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3.0 beta 4.01
* Fixed: Song title is no longer displayed when pausing/unpausing in Winamp
3.0 Beta 4
* Added support for balloon tips
* Fixed a few bugs that would crash multiremote when using it together with iTunes
* Removed logging/output features due to memory leaks
3.0 Beta 3
Never released
* Fixed Autostart checkbox bug.
* Made Winamp the default player (instead of not having any default player at all).
* Added: Toggle shuffle / toggle repeat hotkeys for iTunes/Winamp/QCD Player.
3.0 Beta 2
* Changed log timer from every 10 seconds to every 30 seconds to save resources.
* Fixed memory leak that occured when retrieving info from iTunes.
* Fixed the "Autostart at windows startup" option
* Fixed some other minor issues.
* Added commandline argument support. You can only use one at a time, and the supported arguments are:
* -prev, -play, -pause, -stop, -next, -volup, -voldown (self-explaining? if not, try reading again!)
* -b (skip backwards) and -f (skip forwards). That's all, folks.
I'm quite aware of the annoying memory leak when using the logging functions but I have no idea what's causing it, unfortunately.
3.0 Beta 1
Initial release.
Copyright © 2005 by serenity (at exscape dot org)